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"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together- source unknown."

About Us

The Coalition is a growing team of talented, creative, fun-loving professionals who are united in their passion for Gears of War. As a Microsoft first-party studio, we are dedicated to pushing the limits of interactive entertainment and taking Gears to new heights.

We believe that if you want to go far, go together. It takes a diverse team of people sharing a common vision to make a groundbreaking game. Great teams are defined by mutual trust, shared purpose, and the determination to overcome any obstacle together. We also believe that fun games can only come from teams that have fun! We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

And when it comes to having fun, it helps that The Coalition is located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. With a mild climate, vibrant nightlife, abundant arts and culture, diverse culinary scene, and no end of outdoors adventure, Vancouver has something for everyone.

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The Coalition is looking for people who are a great cultural fit with our team and have the energy, passion, and determination to get things done. If you want to work with exceptionally talented people, create mind-blowing Gears of War games, and have a blast doing it, you’ve come to right place!

For art-related positions, we prefer applications that include online portfolios / demos. It should be current, display original work samples, and include a breakdown of what you did in each shot.

Full-time roles

Follow the link and submit your resume through the Microsoft Careers site or email thecoalitionjobs@microsoft.com.

Contract roles

The Coalition does not directly hire temporary roles but we do use external developers to take on specific projects on behalf of The Coalition. These developers hire candidates directly to fill these temporary roles. Below are examples of the types of temporary roles that one of our external developers may need to fill during the lifetime of a project. To find out more about these and other open temporary roles please contact: canhub@microsoft.com

  • Multiplayer Level Designer
  • UI Software Engineer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Environment Artist
  • Marketing Artist
  • Character Artist
  • UI Artist
  • Producer


  • The Visual Technology of Gears 5

    Colin Penty, November 2019

    In this presentation by The Coalition, Studio Technical Art Director Colin Penty outlines how they utilized tools like Houdini, Maya and a number of UE4's latest rendering features such as temporal upscaling, volumetric fog, distance fields, compute ray traced shadows, and bent normals for specular occlusion to craft the visually spectacular Gears 5. He also shares strategies for building on top of Unreal to achieve the desired aesthetic, all while hitting a silky smooth 60 fps on Xbox.

    Slides 7.4 MB YouTube
  • Inertialization - High Performance Animation Transitions in Gears of War

    David Bollo, March 2018

    David Bollo explores inertialization in a game engine including: Inertialization Node / Filter, Animation System Hooks, and Code Hooks.

    Download 1.3 MB
  • HDR TV Output and Lighting Gears of War 4

    Colin Matisz & Andy Yi Shen, August 2017

    Gears of War 4 is one of the first titles to take full advantage of the High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV output of the Xbox One S. We developed techniques & technologies to do this, including using HDR reference photography, a modified tonemapper, lumen-based lighting, HDR sky materials, camera exposure ranges, post processes and a tuning environment for emissive surfaces and visual effects. We built a strong foundation of physically based materials and other shader techniques to create a wide variety of realistic surfaces that react beautifully to light. Our artists had the challenge of achieving the goals of art direction, while meeting the performance goals of 1080p30 in single player and 1080p60 in multiplayer gameplay. Using available lighting techniques in UE4 + custom tools, we implemented best practices to optimize our artist workflow resulting in stunning visuals.

    Download 19 MB
  • High Performance Animation in Gears of War 4

    David Bollo, August 2017

    In this talk, we present three of the techniques that we developed to deliver high performance animation in the Gears of War 4 video game. First, we present a “warp point”-driven system for dealing with character traversal through an irregular environment. This system builds on previous motion warping work and is over twice as fast as a more traditional blend space based approach. Next, we introduce a novel approach to handling motion transitions that eliminates traditional blended transitions and replaces them with an animation post-processing step that is 60% cheaper to compute overall. Finally, we introduce a fast but effective heuristic for improving the quality of these motion transitions by automatically matching the locomotion foot phase between the transitioning animations.

    Abstract 2.8 MB Supplemental 0.5 MB Video 66.5 MB
  • Gears of War 4: Creating a Layered Material System for 60fps

    Colin Penty & Ian Wong, August 2017

    We have created a new material system for Gears of War 4 inside Unreal Engine that allows artists to layer dozens of materials with complete material tuning control and flexibility - then cook out the results in-engine for incredibly efficient run-time performance.

    Download 13 MB
  • Gears of War 4 Project Triton: Pre-Computed Environmental Wave Acoustics

    John Tennant & Nikunj Raghuvanshi, February 2017

    Project Triton is the first successful effort for detailed scene-dependent wave acoustics in games. Triton will ship in 'Gears of War 4', resulting from a collaboration between The Coalition and Microsoft Research. Triton robustly models complex wave phenomena such as diffraction, scattered reflections and reverberation on static 3D level geometry. In doing so, it captures important effects like smooth occlusion around obstacles or longer reverberation in large halls, as well as how these effects change when source and listener move through the environment. Nikunj and John will discuss both the technical and design aspects of the system, providing details on its integration in Unreal Engine 4 and AudioKinetic Wwise. They will also discuss how interpreting the Triton data forced them to define stylized cinematic and emotional acoustics for 'Gears of War 4' to navigate their way out of an uncanny valley of game audio.

    Download 5 MB